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» Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Putting the "F" in February
"F" for "flurries," that is.

Monday night was so warm I slept in a nightshirt, just under the covers, with the fan in the window.

Last night was flannel pajamas, the duvet on top of the covers, and socks, fan out of the window, although it was still open, the shade flapping back and forth in the wind. It was low 50s at this time yesterday morning, 29°F right now.

During the night it was as if Mother Nature took a fingerful of confectioners' sugar and scattered it over the countryside. Unlike the last two snowstorms where the grass was covered immediately, but it took the deck longer to be enrobed, the deck and the sides of the roof and the canvas on Kyla's wooden play fort next door are scattered with the most snow. A little while ago, there were minute snowflakes in the air although the sky was blue and dotted with fluffy clouds, driven off the decks and the roofs by the wind, but now a dark cloud is overhead and it is flurrying in earnest, big lazy flakes dancing around the bird feeder and the covered grill.

Sadly, they say it's up to the 60s again in a few days. Surely the flowers that are already blooming will prefer that, and I wonder how they fared last night: all the pinky-purple cherry (I think) trees are in bloom, and several yards have daffodils sprung up waving bright yellow trumpets in the wind. One home on my route home has a stone retaining wall and on its length is already stretched a bouquet of purple phlox. I caught a forsythia bush starting to bloom on my way home from the library the other day and the maple tree in front of our work building had small tender leaves peeking from the buds yesterday.