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» Monday, February 18, 2008
President's Promenade
Look what was in e-mail this morning: a 40 percent off any book coupon from Borders, good today and tomorrow.

One caveat: purchase must be over $20.

I cut it out and said "We'll see," then went up to Town Center, where I popped in at Michael's and then at JoAnn. The latter had all their Easter things 40 percent off, so I used the additional 10 percent off coupon to replace a few things that had broken when the storage boxes fell off the shelves a few weeks ago—just small things. I also was able to get two 3.5oz Lindt dark chocolate rabbits to put away for an Easter treat.

Linens'n'Thing was having a buy one pillow or mattress cover, get another of either type free, so I took the opportunity to replace my old feather pillows, which have been sadly stained and grotted by midnight menopausal hot flashes and warm nights (like last night, which left me tossing and turning). These are hypoallergenic like the last ones. (Outsmarted myself by not stopping here first, though: could have gotten the Lindt bunnies here at 20 percent off. Oh, well.)

I did stop at Borders and decided to indulge in The Sweet Far Thing, which I had not purchased back in December, but needed $3 to bring it up to $20. I found a huge book, 11 1/2" and 9 1/2" coffee table size, at least two inches thick, of the most notable offerings from "Harpers" magazine in its past 150 years for only $5 on the remainder table. This includes excerpts from Mark Twains Diaries of Adam and Eve, Roald Dahl's classic "Lamb to the Slaughter," a James Thurber piece, and many other intriguing offerings, including a really gross one about heroin use.

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