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» Sunday, February 10, 2008
Old Times and Quiet Days
We had a delightful time on chat last night. Rodney, Mike and I are the last mainstays of the weekly Saturday Remember WENN chat (James sometimes comes in as well), but last night Katie (who is now teaching preschool), Rita (I'm sorry, Rita, I've forgotten where you work), and Cammie (studying for her bar exam) all arrived for a visit. I could think of no way of instant messaging Emma, but just for the heck of it I sent her an e-mail, which was received and she arrived not long afterward. We talked about what we were doing, old books (Rodney has begun collecting old series books like Tom Swift), some about the series, etc.

The LiveJournal WENN group is going to begin rewatching and discussing the series next Saturday, so it would be fun if folks started turning up again.

The reunion lasted until two, we weren't in bed until three, and Willow woke us barking at 8:30. Argh. Went back to sleep for an hour, but had to get up before ten or I wouldn't sleep tonight. (Although I could get four hours of sleep on Saturday night and still have trouble sleeping on Sunday night. My supervisor has the same problem and we spent one Monday morning commiserating about it.)

Costco had been out of Chex mix, so as morning changed to afternoon we went to BJs hoping they had restocked since last week, but no dice. We bought a small bag at Food Depot, with the prerequisite weekly bananas and yogurt (they were out of the coffee flavor, sadly). I also spied a package of about nine ounces of thinly-sliced steaks. James doesn't usually like to cook on Sunday night, but these looked easy, so we bought them. We just finished them, just cooking them lightly with a little kosher salt and garlic powder and serving them in low-carb tortillas with Trader Joe's Thai Ginger carrots on the side. Just right for a Sunday night supper.

After the supermarket errands we returned home. James was feeling a bit under the weather, but Willow (whom I had bathed to her great dismay this morning) and I went out for a walk. It was about 60°F, but the wind is blustering so that it did not feel warm, just refreshing.

I am finishing Master of Sunnybank and also perusing a nutrition book we bought at BJs. It is written by the editor of "Men's Health" and is called Eat This, Not That." It tells you what are the best nutritional choices at restaurants, special occasions, and of traditional foods, and shows you "how to read a menu." Some of these revelations are surprising. For instance, If you have to eat at McDonald's, recommended is the Quarter Pounder over the Premium Grilled Chicken Club. The QP has 160 fewer calories, 2 fewer grams of fat (although both have 7 grams of saturated fat), and one thousand (that's right, 1000) milligrams of salt less than the chicken club. If you must eat bacon, turkey bacon is better for you, correct? Nope. Oscar Meyer bacon and turkey bacon has the same amount of calories and the same amount of fat—but the turkey has 100 more milligrams of sodium. In many places, it's very illuminating.

Incidentally, we had planned to go to the garden show, hoping to meet some fencing companies. On Thursday I was looking at the flyer that came in the paper with a dollar-off coupon, which listed all the attendees. They were the same as at the home show; there wasn't a fence company in sight! How odd.

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