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» Friday, February 22, 2008
In Sickness and In Health
James has been spoiling for a cold all week and this morning he woke with swollen glands and a severely sore throat, so he stayed at home swilling ibuprofin and hot drinks. I finally got a good night's sleep and took my time doing my running around. I had to go to the bank and got a shock going into the SunTrust branch on the East-West Connector; they had completely redone the inside in spare, modern furniture and faux stone floor. I hope they let them put up some artwork because it's so bare there it gives one the shivers. What a bare, desolate design!

I had stopped at Borders to use a coupon and found a real bargain: a word-oriented hand-held game that I had seen at another store for $20. This does four games: word search, anagrams, a word version of Tetris, and "Letter Train," where you form words not in a straight line. Borders had it marked down 75 percent, so I grabbed it. Also found a 75 percent off "Golden Compass" version of Uno.

Went to BJs—still no big bags of regular Chex mix. Nuts. Did get more mandarin oranges, especially for James with his cold.

Since I had to go by Cumberland Mall anyway, I stopped and got us something good for dinner: more pork and mashed sweet potatoes dinners from Fresh to Order. On the way home I picked up the first of my interlibrary loan books, Henry Jenkins' Fans, Bloggers and Gamers.

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