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» Wednesday, February 13, 2008
"In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Daytime..."
Yesterday it was in the 60s. Today it's not supposed to get out of the 30s, and presently it is grey and gloomy outside, although the bird feeder sees flurries of activities. I think they said 60°F again for Friday. The weather's getting as choppy as the ocean on a stormy day. :-)

But we had rain last night and it's supposed to rain over the weekend, good news for parched Georgia.

[Later: It's like "Wuthering Heights" out there; every time I go near a window I can hear the wind winnowing around the house (and in the bathroom you can hear it rattle the flap of the air exhaust vent). Our little flag is horizontal most of the time and the temperature, rather than rising, has fallen. I had to close the windows in the master bedroom since it was 53 in there, and that's without the fan. The birds are gobbling the suet for energy, even the natty bluebird in his bright coat and his grey-winged mate.]