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» Saturday, February 09, 2008
Normal Saturday: James did a bank/Valentine errand, then we visited to the hobby shop, during which I read. When we got home, I discovered The Master of Sunnybank in the mail. Hurrah! Later we went to Love Street and also to Cumberland Mall, and got most of our grocery shopping done at Costco. Picked up the new edition of The Aristocats on DVD.

We also went to a new restaurant called "Fresh to Order" (abbreviated F2O) at Cumberland Mall. I never thought I'd be bragging about mall food, since unless you have something like Ruby Tuesday or another restaurant in the mall, the food court stuff is usually dreadful: cholesterol-soaked burgers, glops of greasy Chinese food, overly-sweet cookies, etc. But this was wonderful, like a high-class restaurant. We had grilled sliced pork in an apricot chutney sauce with a side of mashed sweet potatoes that were naturally rather than artificially sweet, topped with walnuts. James also had a half serving of chicken tortilla soup, which he said was not spicy, but a flavorful chicken broth with pieces of chicken and little strips of tortilla along with corn. They have several different kinds of chicken and a beef offering, as well as an Asian salad that sounds tremendous. We definitely want to go back. If Fresh to Order comes to your mall or even just your neighborhood, I heartily recommend it.

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