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» Sunday, February 03, 2008
Well, that sucks. James noticed on Magellan's web site that there was a map update for his GPS unit. Since our street doesn't show up on the map, we thought this would be useful. This was done via a software update which had to be downloaded, and then activated to load through the USB cable that came with the Maestro. James downloaded the proper file, then set it to download into the unit and came to sit down to watch the dog show since he didn't want to do anything else while the upload was taking place. The web site said the upload would take about 35 minutes.

James went to check it before the time was up and found a big pop-up message on the screen—the download had failed. Not only that, but it had also wiped out the information already on the GPS unit!

James started the download again. By that time it was bedtime, so we went to take our showers while it worked. He came back out to find the operation had failed again!

This morning he tried to find some answers, failed, and ended up sending an e-mail to Magellan since there is no phone number for them on the website. Right now we have a $200+—paperweight. Not amusing, guys.