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» Saturday, February 16, 2008
Day of Our Lives
Hair Day this morning, with some great grub: a breakfast casserole which I actually sampled (I'm just not an egg person) and kielbasa stew. Someone brought a mixed green salad, which was so tempting I had to have some; of the dressings offered, I chose the one I thought would least annoy my digestion. I love mixed greens, especially with Chinese endive in it. Alas, sick to my stomach all afternoon despite taking all my drugs. Wretched acid reflux.

I was quite amused at Ron's T-shirt, which proclaimed


How true for all of us!

And got to see Daniel, safe and sound after an unusual encounter with an implanted defibrillator. (Details in his blog.)

We had to decamp immediately after eating since James' meeting was today; I had him drop me off at the corner and I walked the rest of the way home. It's in the 60s and supposed to rain tomorrow; uncomfortable and sticky. Nevertheless, I took down the Valentine decorations and repositioned the winter ones, which will stay in place, due to an early Easter, until a few weeks before. I will hardly have time to put my St. Joseph's Day altar up before I will need to take it down for Easter.

Also did laundry and finished The Time Travelers before James arrived home. We took a short trip to Love Street and then to Borders, where I bought the newest British "Country Living" and the sequel to Time Travelers with all my coupons.

To placate Mr. Stomach, had ricotta cheese and Wheat Thins for supper (suitably bland enough) and watched the first part of the Monk season finale and then Torchwood.