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» Sunday, February 03, 2008
Book Magnet
They like me. :-)

James needs to quit working weekends; I only go out and attract books.

I went out a-hunting paper towels at Walgreen's and suet for the bird feeder yesterday and made a couple of fun stops (Trader Joe's for veggies to go with tonight's game night and Fuzziwigs). While at the latter, I noticed the nearby Borders had quite a few remainder books outside, so I went to look. I found a gift book, a 1920s spy saga for me, and—lucky I went!—the very last copy of "Yankee" they had (and the only January/February issue I had seen in searching stores since New Year's).

Paper towels and suet acquired, I stopped at Book Nook on the way home and found two nice used collections of Christmas stories and AMC's book about Christmas movies. (This last smells musty and has a water stain on it; I am going to have to put it in a bag with some baking soda to at least absorb the smell.) I also found Robert McCloskey's classic books about Homer Price in one omnibus edition, complete with McCloskey's illos.

As I approached Rowan's, I decided to stop by. They are going out of business and the sale will end in mid-February. Everything except the CDs and DVDs were 60 percent off (those were half price). The books were pretty much gone; the rows of bookshelves in the center of the room like library stacks were gone and all that was left were in the shelves lining the perimeter. I bought two beautiful books for gifts, plus a biography of Abigail Adams, Jim McKay's book, and three DVDs: Balto II and III and Disney's classic swashbuckler, The Fighting Prince of Donegal. Total cost was about $20.00.

Plus this morning I got a notice that the book I ordered via Amazon Marketplace had shipped. This is The Master of Sunnybank by Irving Litvag, a biography of Albert Payson Terhune. I've read Terhune's collie books since I was about twelve years old and always loved his thrilling language and expansive vocabulary—not to mention all those wonderful collies. There are two bios of Terhune and this is the better of the two; I've wanted it for years.

(Incidentally, predictably, there are more book reviews in A Cozy Nook to Read In.)

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