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» Friday, February 08, 2008
Alarms and Excursions
I woke in the middle of the night with a start, sat up and was so convinced I smelled smoke that I woke James up. I wandered around the house and sniffed out the window—thought maybe it was someone with a fire in the fireplace and the scent was coming in through the open window, but at four in the morning?—but I couldn't smell it out there. Too odd.

I was woken this morning by the weather radio going off and the tornado siren. Since the forecast this morning was for temps in the 30s and cloudless skies, this was peculiar. Turned out it was a yearly test.

Anyway, off to the post awful and then to the library where I've finally requested interlibrary loan on the two Henry Jenkins media studies books they wouldn't let me have last fall since they were less than 13 months old, plus the book Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder. I found in the biography section the other Wilder book I have been wanting to read, Ghost in the Little House, a biography of Rose Wilder Lane. I've heard a lot about this book in that it is claimed that it is a hatchet job on LIW; that she was a terrible mother and not a nice person.

I stopped by Borders and found a small gift, the new TV Guide with Hugh Laurie on the cover (I wouldn't buy it otherwise—gad, it looks like People and when did it go up to $3?), a "hurt" book about a 1750s English servant who helps solve a mystery, and the newest Harry Dresden book in paperback. With my coupon and Borders Bucks, this nice purchase And I have $1.94 left.

Stopped at Hallmark with my coupon and bought a couple of cards. Didn't see anything else I wanted at first, but then saw a small vase with two artificial rosebuds in it. It was made to look like someone had cut two real rosebuds and put them in a tiny vase; there was even clear plastic in the bottom of the vase to simulate water. I bought that as well and when I came home put it next to Mom's picture in the foyer, since tomorrow would have been her birthday.

Had a good walk up and down the mall—good grief, what happened to FYE? and the pet shop?—and noticed that the new salad place is finally open; their Asian salad sounds quite delectable.

Came home to find that our association fee check had been misdirected and returned. We'll have to swing by the post awful again on the way to supper. Oh, well, I can mail the Valentine card I bought as well.

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