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» Wednesday, January 16, 2008
A Wintry Mix?
They always predict this when precipitation approaches in the winter and it's cold enough, but usually all it does is rain. Rain we won't quibble with what with the level of the drought. However, the WXIA newscasts have become steadily more "ominous" in the last three days; they'd gone from saying we might even miss the rain to we are getting the rain to we're possibly getting some sleet. We still don't know, although I noticed the forecast for the North Georgia mountains in places like Blairsville is now "snow."

I used to be able to tell a "snow sky" immediately in Rhode Island. The sky turns a white color, perhaps faintly mottled with pale, pale grey, and the sound changes. Here even when it snows it doesn't do that; there are darker mottles of grey even when it does snow. If I were to judge by the sky right now I might say snow, but while it is snow up there where the clouds lie, by the time it gets down to us it is rain, or at the most sleet or icy rain. I would rather have snow; ice is too treacherous. The thermometer on our deck has struggled up to 39.6°F; much too warm, but...we'll see.