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» Sunday, January 27, 2008
Weekends and All That
So we had to go back to Walmart Saturday to get the things I forgot. It was fairly painless.

Then James went off to his monthly club meeting. When he returned we decided to go out to the original Fry's, at Gwinnett Mall. On the way there we stopped at the Aviarium to get a new food dish and swing for Schuyler, and discovered one of our friends working there. Of course I wandered around the bird room talking to the parrots and whistling at the canaries; one of the latter is already a prodigious singer.

By the time we got to Fry's the soup was all gone, so we ended up having a sandwich. I returned the DSL modem we didn't need; James' keyboard had died abruptly in the morning, so he got a new one, with programmable extra buttons. It looked so slick that I bought one myself to replace my $5 keyboard. We also bought what we went there for: a USB case to hold my old 20GB hard drive, which I can now use as a backup drive.

We also stopped at the JoAnn there, but it was pretty pathetic. I thought the one on our side of town was getting minimal, but there were magazines from October on the racks. The Barnes & Noble nearby did not have the new Yankee; I'm unable to find it anywhere anymore.

Set up the keyboard when we got home. It's pretty neat. I have buttons programmed to bring up what I need immediately on mornings I go into work: the Weather Channel and the traffic report. There is also a button to bring up the calculator, which will be fantastic for work, since my desktop is usually buried under the various windows I need.

James was up late doing some research for programs to work on his new gadget, so we didn't get to bed until almost three, although I spent at least an hour dozing on the couch. Needless to say, after that late a night, I was a bit headachy this morning. But James had made biscuits, and then we dropped off the recycling at Publix, dropped by Love Street, then went on to Costco for milk and "lunch" samples. We bought some pineapple teriyaki chicken meatballs for supper.

Later in the afternoon we finally assembled the night table from Ikea. It is about the same size in surface area than the old end table James was using, but the top smaller in area so that the alarm clock and the Kleenex box are rather wedged in and the phone there as an afterthought. There is now a nice neat place for his C-PAP machine on one shelf and space for the books on another, and a drawer to put nail clippers, nose spray, an emergency flashlight, etc.

We watched Nature tonight, of course!: "Parrots in the Land of Oz." They did about fifteen minutes on wild budgies. Oddly, Schuyler, who chirps at all the songbirds in the background on the HGTV shows and Animal Cops Houston, barely noticed all the budgie sounds. Instead she was drawn to the crimson rosellas.

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