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» Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Not Staying Idle
And in this case it's not necessarily a good thing.

I've had to make an appointment for "Twilight" to be seen at Carmax on Thursday since James has that day off (but early enough that he can make his doctor's appointment). In the last couple of weeks, I have noticed the idle not being even, especially when I turned up the blower a little higher to get more heat or air. It has that little "catch" like a car makes before it stalls out, although it has never been severe enough to stall out. It started after I got gas at the QT rather than at Costco or BJs as usual, so I'd wondered if that was the cause, but it hasn't worked itself out. This morning it made the little "catch" as I was driving down I-75 at high speed; I slowed down a bit and it disappeared. When I stopped at the light on Shallowford Road it "caught" again and I noticed that the lights on the dashboard dimmed a tiny bit.

It could be anything, the service department rep at Carmax said, starting from a spark plug. The car does have fuel injection, and I've heard of those getting gummed up; could even be the fuel filter, which is what I was afraid it was this morning at speed. Done blocked fuel filters several times; don't want to do it again.