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» Sunday, January 13, 2008
Not Quite Perfect
I'd say it was a useful day, if not exciting at all, except at one point.

We went to WalMart. The lines weren't too bad and we found the small low-carb whole wheat tortillas instead of the huge ones. I also found a pair of flip-flop slippers in my size that were blue instead of pink (they're always pink! I despise pink!).

We went to BJs. Since we'd done the herculean after-Christmas cleaning and survived, we bought some lobster ravioli for supper. Excellent stuff, and we have another portion that I think we'll save for Valentines Day.

We made a short stop at Kroger and couldn't find what we wanted, which was how we ended up at WalMart.

We found out the wi-fi on the Gadget works fine.

We finished the afternoon off reading the paper.

No, the "exciting" part came at the beginning of the day. We'd been planning on Sweet Tomatoes for breakfast, but since all our errands were in the Smyrna area we just ate at the Waffle House on South Cobb Drive near the Kroger.

My advice: don't, since I'm notifying someone at the health department about them tomorrow. It was so near lunch that I had pork chops and James had an omelet and we were both about done eating when a small roach waltzed out from under James' plate and wandered under the napkin holder. I wasn't very hungry after that. We left as soon as possible. In short: ugh!

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