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» Tuesday, January 01, 2008
New Year and All That
We attended the soiree at the "Rich-Wilbanks estate" and had a grand time. It's a good time of year to catch up what's up with the folks we don't see that often. We were very glad to hear a good friend of ours now has an excellent job. We also found out another friend of ours had had minor brain surgery. Eeek!

We spent most of the evening, including The Big Moment, in the library discussing geekery in all forms, including showing off our electronic devices, including Daniel and Clair's adorable Asus EEEPC, and browsing through Bill and Caran's copious collection of books. I found a dandy one: Inside the Victorian Home.

By contrast, today was quieter. We didn't go to bed until three, so I was still a bit groggy when I got up for the Rose Parade. Splendid stuff this year, but the prize had to go to the Honda "car" that turned into a spaceship. There was also a wonderful five-piece boat ensemble, numerous Chinese-themed floats (including one for Chinese New Year; upcoming is the Year of the Rat—how appropriate for an election year!), an imposing Native American statue, Emeril Lagasse as Grand Marshal, and the usual wonderful horses, including the Clydesdales.

We were planning to go to the movies later, but James was back in the continual struggle with his computer. All of a sudden his main partition with Windows on it only had about 28MB left! So he finally bit the bullet and installed WindowsXP on the new hard drive. It went swimmingly, although Microslop ActiveSync (for his PDA) is being the usual PITA and won't find the PDA.

I was hoping he'd have time to do my drive tonight, but it doesn't look like it's to be. I do have everything backed up now, including my mailboxes, my passwords, and the setup for Eudora mailboxes and my FTP.

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