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» Monday, January 28, 2008
Magnificence, Music, Melancholy and Memories
On the way home I was treated to the most beautiful display of mackerel clouds I've ever seen. We have a rain front moving in and the rippling grey-and-white clouds moving across the sky covered the entire expanse in an ever-changing landscape. The ripple effect was very pronounced around the cloud-shadowed sun, with narrow bands that looked almost like cloud versions of mini-blinds. If I hadn't been barreling down the freeway I would have called James and seen if he had the opportunity to look out the window. It was that striking.

I had "Escape" (XM78) on for the first time since Christmas; I've been very reluctant to go back to mainstream music in the wake of the holidays. Every year my post-Yuletide blues seem to lengthen. I really do miss the music; I have so many instrumental Christmas albums that I love.

One of the selections this afternoon was "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini," which takes me back to the release of the film Somewhere in Time. I went to see it in Boston with the "gang"—not sure of the theatre anymore; maybe at Pi Alley. Gail was so enthralled with "Rhapsody" that she took note of the composition's name in the credits and after the movie we went downtown to both Strawberries and the Barnes & Noble to see if she could find a copy of a classical album with that theme on it, since the Somewhere in Time soundtrack was somewhere in the future.

I remember the B&N in Boston as being unusual as it wasn't really the big box bookstore like the ones I frequent now. Back then it was more like a remainder store, and also carried records, cassettes, and the new CDs. They had language instructional kits, too, and classic books under their own imprint and lots of Dover books. If you wanted bestsellers you went to Wordsworth and the Coop out in Cambridge.

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