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» Wednesday, January 02, 2008
January Came in Like a Lion
Well, you might think there was a March wind out there right now; the trees are tossing and bowing, the wind pushed the chairs on the deck over again, the shades in the bedroom are flapping, and even from inside you can hear the banner mounted on the porch post straining and tugging at its pole. We have a "severe weather alert," which I normally ignore since the Weather Channel now slaps severe weather alerts on everything that's not a sunny day or cloudy day without rain. We used to take wind in our stride unless it was a gale and snow unless it was a blizzard and rain unless someone saw animals walking two by two!

We did have a little treat last night: James took Willow outside before bedtime and there swirling in the streetlight in front of our house were snowflakes. Nothing "stuck" of course; there weren't even that many clouds out there. Hope it's a promise of more rain for the new year.

So here it is back to work again; I sit processing orders while downstairs the dryer revolves and I play the last of the cassette Christmas music. Willow is sound asleep and Schuyler is preening. She is moulting just in time for our Twelfth Night party; we may need to call her "Spike" for the duration with all the pinfeathers she's sprouted!

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