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» Friday, January 25, 2008
Errands Du Jour
Okay. Rebate check in the bank. Library books returned. Stop at Hobby Lobby; everything I could have used a coupon on was already on sale. Minimal Valentine decoration and some clearance cross stitch bits. (Went back later and used coupon on a small Easter decoration.) Final stop: Verizon, where a rescue squad had just loaded someone from the store. They didn't immediately dash off, so hopefully the person was okay.

My phone has been weird the last couple of days: showing no power to the battery. I plug it in to charge and it takes several tries for the charger to click into the receptacle and charge. It charges until the battery is full with four bars. I unplug it and immediately the icon shows empty again, although the phone itself does not beep and shut down like it usually does with low battery power. This happens three times in a row. I leave it with a technician who says she is going to give it a charge and a software upgrade. ???? It will take about an hour.

I go to WalMart; it is now a necessity since even Kroger has quit stocking my two favorite flavors of yogurt and of course they are the only ones who have low carb whole wheat tortillas and one of only two places that have Blue Bunny sugar-free ice cream bars and the only ones who carry the chocolate flavor ones. They are also the only ones now who carry the Carb Countdown chocolate milk James likes for breakfast. He only gets it every couple of weeks, so I feel safe skipping it and just getting more tortillas, low sugar oatmeal, the yogurt and a few other things including clearance flannel sheets with an autumn motif. Fridays are nice; I get right in line and there's no danger of the ice cream melting, but it's not an hour yet, so I bring the ice cream home, have yogurt for part of lunch, and then go back for my phone. She says to be careful plugging it in. And what do you think I have been doing? Anyway, it has four bars on the battery icon now.

Of course when I get home properly I discover there was a need for the chocolate milk. Arrgh.

For lunch I finally had my birthday lunch. Yeah, it's a little late, but I kept forgetting to buy the fixings: Wheat Thins and ricotta cheese. Yep. That's it. Once a year treat. Enough left for a couple more lunches. Let's say with the milk I've had I've done my part today to fight osteoporosis. :-) Watched three Get Smart episodes, including the "'shipper's dream," "99 Loses Control," and am in the middle of the pilot episode of Voyagers! Notice immediately how quickly they reinforce the fact that Phineas Bogg is a ladies' man and not interested in cute little boys. In fact, future episodes had a parade of gals that Bogg lost his head to just so there would be no doubt about the relationship. (But I wager that there's Bogg/Jeffrey slash out there...)

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