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» Thursday, January 31, 2008
The Brave Little Nuthatch
I noticed the birds pecking disconsolately at the top level of the feeder, which was empty, and went outside to refill it before the rain starts this afternoon. One bold little brown-headed nuthatch sat on the feeder mount and watched me nearly the entire time. Only when I actually whistled at him did he fly away, and then he almost immediately returned, looking nervous but curious as well.

There were, about a half hour ago, three female bluebirds and a male either at the suet or browsing the seed that has been strewn about by the other birds. We had 40 percent-off-one-book coupons at Borders for Tuesday and Wednesday, so went last night. The one hardback I am waiting for is not out yet, so I took the opportunity to buy the book about the Dust Bowl, The Worst Hard Time, but I needed "makeweight," since I had to do a $20 purchase and the book was only $15.00. I found a remainder book, Stokes' Bird Feeder Book, that filled the bill perfectly for only $5.00. I didn't think I could learn anything else from another bird book, but I did: house sparrows are really weaver finches! Anyway, this book doesn't mention at least three birds that turn up regularly at our feeder: the aforementioned bluebirds, the pine warblers, and the Carolina wren, but it's just supposed to be a general beginner book anyway.

But I would have liked some bluebird photos—and "the brave little nuthatch," the brown-headed one, is also not mentioned.

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