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» Monday, December 31, 2007
"Then One Foggy New Year's Eve..."
Technically untrue, since it won't be New Year's Eve until sunset or 6 p.m., whatever designation of evening you prefer—it was still what I've always called "New Year's Eve Eve" when I set out to work this morning. Outside was a pea-soup fog (or peanut butter if you're Yukon Cornelius, LOL) that even Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer would have had trouble navigating. Luckily the roads were almost deserted; I didn't see another car till I was more than a mile from home, and then they appeared like ghostly foxfire out of the misty depths. Getting on the freeway was particularly "interesting" because there were no lights on that particular stretch and the ramp descended into impenetrable Stygian mist. Was there even a road down there or was this an intro to a John Carpenter film?

The air is still full of floating cotton wool even as we approach late morning; the building across the way looks like a Monet painting.

We are being "let loose" 59 minutes early for our New Year's Eve safety, but I'm taking an additional two hours from our bonus credit time gift. I still have to bring a box of books/DVDs/tapes to the library to get donation credit for this year's income tax and I also need to grab something to take to Bill and Caran's, since James had no time to cook anything.

Another year shot to hell...

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