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» Thursday, December 27, 2007
Sleep, Scrub and Stare
Finally got the good sleep-in that I had been wanting, then went to tackle the nasty job: a good scrub of the shower compartment and later the bathroom counters. I've been giving this a lick and a promise between work, Christmas prep, and just wanting to enjoy the holiday, but, water shortage or no water shortage, it had to be done: it was looking pretty gross. I used as little water as I could on the shower stall, mostly for rinsing, but I had to get my sink drain unclogged. We have dual sinks and mine tends to clog faster than James'. I had the baking soda, had bought the white vinegar, and even boiled water for this go-around, but it simply had to take some running water, too.

In between the shower stall scrub and the counter/sink thing, I watched Ice Station Zebra, which I had never seen before. Tidy little thriller, but I don't think I will care for repeat viewings like I do Hunt for Red October. I was surprised at how sketchily drawn Jim Brown's hard-nosed Marine character was; supposedly you were supposed to suspect him of being a spy, but he was so 2D it was like watching a paper doll. Patrick McGoohan, as always, was watchable, but it all is pretty much by the numbers.

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