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» Monday, December 17, 2007
The Sad and Sober Part
We have had bad news here at work on two quarters. One bit of news was that a co-worker's mother had died. This had been expected, however; she was in her 80s and had not been doing well. Nevertheless, she was a gritty lady who hung on through many crises.

The other news was more shocking: Carla, the lady who worked in the office across from me, passed away on Saturday. Carla had gone in the hospital last week with a blood pressure problem, but every time we asked after her or our supervisior talked to her, she was ready to come back to work. Carla has been ill with lupus for some years, but did not allow it to keep her down, and had even been talking about coming to our branch Christmas party tomorrow night. She would always ask me if she had a small purchase problem and often we swapped "clueless persons" stories.