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» Saturday, December 15, 2007
Rainy Saturday
Six entire hours of rain, but not as hard as we would have liked. We only got half an inch of rain, while areas to the south that didn't need the water as much got an inch to an inch and a half. It left the day gloomy, but there was good company in the first half, as it was "Hair Day." Phyllis made the lunch centerpiece, barbecue lamb. We supplied the yellow rice and Lin and Ron made a sweet potato salad (quite delicious!), and two bowls of the Rutledges chili dip vanished in a trice.

We did a couple of errands on the way home, then James went to a Christmas party with his hobby shop friends. I was invited, but decided to bake cookies instead. I discovered, however, that we were quite out of baking powder, so I had to run to Food Depot first. Plus I needed gas, so there was a trip to Costco, and since I was out that way anyway, a stop at Barnes & Noble, where I finally found the December issue of the British Country Living. (As I checked out the magazine counter a rumble was heard, then a flash of lightning; we had quite a short but creditable thunderstorm.) I also had my Borders coupon with me and managed to find a $4.99 book; since I had $5 in Borders Bucks, I not only got the book for free but have a dollar left over as well.

And then finally I got to baking cookies, but that sent me back in time: hope you enjoy the trip in Holiday Harbour.

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