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» Friday, December 21, 2007
The Longest Day
It was actually the shortest day, nature-wise, but not around here. Since I'm off all next week, I wanted to finish as many orders as I could. Two of my new ones had come ready to go, and some had just "fallen into place," so I got six done today, plus a no-cost extension modification, and two payment authorizations, plus more e-mails than I'd care to discuss! :-) I thought I could get a seventh order done, but it didn't have a line item for shipping and we can't do that.

I realize that I'm really not taking much time off as it seems: only two days, and at least one of those would be use-or-lose by the end of the payment year. Tuesday is a holiday, Friday my regular compressed schedule Friday off, and G.W. nicely gave us Monday off. (New Year's Eve would be too much to hope for; however, I have four hours credit time that was given to us as a performance bonus at the end of fiscal year. I can take that if I feel the need for a nap before Bill and Caran's big New Year's Eve blast.)

During lunch I made the spare room fit for company again; it's been all "up in a heaval" since I started with cards and gifts after Thanksgiving. All the spare tissue paper is bagged again, thank God, and while the regular gift wrap container is already tidied, the closet is still waiting for the Christmas gift wrapping container (we still have a couple of gifts to wrap). Most of them are under the tree, a delightful spread—I love giving gifts. I found some dandy ones this year for various folks. Hope they like them! James' gifts to me and vice versa are also in place, plus the nice things that Emma sent.

Plus the towels are washed and the kitchen swept, the dog walked and the mail collected.

Me, I need a nap!

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