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» Wednesday, December 26, 2007
I Only Went Out for a Car Registration and Potassium Gluconate...
I bet you know how this comes out!

I really wanted to sleep in, but was up just after James left. After renewing the car registrations online (see December 3 and 8 entries), we had only gotten one registration renewal back. It came so quickly we thought it was James' and it had been left unopened on his desk, then I wondered if both were in the same envelope. It turned out it was his that was missing in action, so I had to call up the DMV to find out what happened. Apparently the postman misdelivered it; the person who received it wrote "not here" on the envelope and sent it back. So I had to go all the way out to the office on South Cobb to pick up a new one. The line wasn't out the door like normal and I wasn't in there but five minutes, but...I hope it wasn't someone close by too lazy to stick it in our mailbox, because I sure would have done it for them.

Since I was heading in that direction anyway, I went to MicroCenter, too late for the laptop they had on sale early this morning for $300 (I saw it; cheap-looking thing). Saw the cutest little Asus...what would you call them? Even smaller than a notebook computer; keyboard almost too small even for my tiny hands. Did get a book about WindowsXP digital media processing. There is a Hallmark a few yards away, so I went in and bought a couple of the snowman ornaments for a winter display, an adorable roly-poly Santa that holds a cheese spreader (the handle is his red cap), and the Hallmark collectors' ornaments book, which was marked down to $4.

I brought this all home to see what I had bought so far in the Winter Park and Snowmen collection, then decided to go to BJs. I had seen a DVD set there that I wanted to get for James for Valentines Day if one was still available. It was. I then stopped at Kohl's, knowing they had Hallmark and Carleton things on sale. I didn't find what I wanted of those, but they had winter things, snowman bowls and things, not in red and green. It is so hard to find plain winter decorations; it's as if winter stops at Christmas. As the folks in New England, upstate New York, the Midwest, and Canada will attest, this is just not true. :-) I also found two Christmas village figure sets: one of a father and son with packages (for outside the Woolworths) and a set of random dogs and cats. I wanted a dog moving, "running to meet" his master coming home from the war (the soldier greeting his girl), and this was one of the figures in the set. The other assorted cats and dogs I scattered about the village when I got home.

I also bought two very nice gifts for next year that ordinarily I would not have been able to afford. Tick, VG!

Finally I got to Walgreens for some potassium (I had slightly low potassium the last time I went to the doctor, so I try to remember to take a tablet every day, but I had run out of the stuff) and also emerged with something James needed for the car, and some things at half price: five reels of tinsel cord (never know when they'll come in handy for a craft project) and four boxes of tinsel. Walgreens was a veritable hive of activity; Christmas things being moved out of the way making way for Valentines Day things (Michaels jumped the gun on everyone and had some Valentine things out over a week ago).

I figured this would be the best day for shopping anyway and it was good for a walk, so headed for Cumberland Mall. Bought a couple more ornaments at Hallmark, including the Enterprise bridge for James, then walked down to Carleton, but was tired by then and didn't buy anything. I did find something nice for myself on the bargain shelf at Waldenbooks, and also another Christmas gift for next year. Total three future gifts and one Valentines Day present. Very nice!

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