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» Thursday, December 13, 2007
We have had what amounted to a five-minute rainshower. It may have been shorter. I think it's over because the little chickadees are now chortling "Dee-dee-dee!" at the feeder.

However, the air has turned colder, which means the cold front is on its way. I have the windows open with the fans on for now. High Tuesday: a record 77°F! Projected high on Sunday: 45°F!

To quote Harry Hoo: "Amazing!"

In the meantime I spent my lunch hour working on revising another village house. We've had it up for the past couple of days in its original form, a drugstore, but James wants to turn it into a hobby shop. So I have painted out the drugstore signs in hope of finding plain Arial/Verdana type rub-on letters in white. It strikes me I may be being too optimistic on that; I haven't had much success with rub-on letters of late, but I don't feel confident enough to turn in a job like that freehand. I painted the mailbox from the modern blue to the old-fashioned red and glued the old "express rider" post office logo on it.

At the hobby shop on Tuesday, James found a set of miniature WWII posters suitable for dioramas and dollhouses, so I have fastened some of those up on the hobby shop windows (also on a couple of the other buildings), plus a sign that says "Aircraft Spotter Cards Have Arrived" and a blood drive poster. James also found some 48-star flag images, and I have affixed them hanging down in front of several buildings.

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