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» Sunday, December 16, 2007
Advent Activities
We actually had a quiet Sunday today: breakfast followed by a trip to BJs to get some beef and the usual milk. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was out as well, as well as the new Disney Treasures sets. I wasn't much interested in Oswald the Lucky Rabbit or Donald Duck, but I did get the long awaited Disneyland documentary, one that has been on hold for two years.

We also went to BJ's with 40 percent off coupons in our hot little hands. With a combination of Borders Bucks and Rewards coupons, we each got a Windows XP manual for much less than the list price. I think we're set up for reference books now.

Spent a quiet remainder of the afternoon, then went to the food tasting event they had at Trader Joe's. They had a cheese and cracker sample, some different juices, and some candy and cookies. A small sample of each sufficed, and we bought Christmas Eve dinner (shrimp, which can be served with a garlic and margarine sauce and some pasta, plus a small peppermint cheesecake) and more of their chicken-apple sausage.

It's so hard to believe it wa sin the 70s and sultry last week, since today it didn't even get out of the 30s. James fixed what was the last of our homemade turkey soup with egg noodles and we watched A Christmas Story and the two M*A*S*H Christmas episodes, "Dear Dad" and "Dear Sis."

P.S. It is 31°F, with a wind chill of 23. The low is expected to be 23. Terminally frigid for around here!

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