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» Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Thanksgiving Eve
Spent the work day setting up orders to do on Monday and sorted out a payment problem, the usual stuff.

Spent a much more enjoyable lunch hour updating my Addie Mills webpage, adding some new photos and re-scanning old ones so they'd look better. I already had the text corrected, so it was relatively simple to pop in the new images. Simple, but time consuming.

It's been almighty warm for November, in the low 70s, for two days. They say rain is approaching again...we need every other day of good long soakers now, since Lake Lanier is at its lowest point since December of 1981—it is only 68 percent full—and Lake Allatoona is less that half full. . I see anyone watering their idiot lawn and you bet I will report them. The radar map says it is raining in northwest Georgia and some "green clouds" are south and west of us with a scattered line behind. Supposedly a larger storm is in store for Sunday. The wind picked up about late afternoon, looking promising, but it is quiet again now. I used the lull to go out and take photos of the Thanksgiving decorations.

I have a pot of rice on to cook for soup and am in the middle of re-reading The Thanksgiving Treasure. Schuyler is asleep and Willow, of course, is patiently waiting for her daddy. All the Christmas music channels started on Monday, so I started out listening to the Holiday Music Channel on Dish, but abandoned it for Sirius' Classical Pops channel, which is playing carols, from uptempo versions of "Deck the Halls" to Bach's Oratorio. This way I am in no danger of hearing "The Christmas Shoes." :-)

(They keep playing "The Hallelujah Chorus." Sigh. That's an Easter song, guys. The Christmas song from "The Messiah" is "For Unto Us a Child is Born.")

We are about to finish the last quarter of the pumpkin tart from Trader Joe's. I hope these are available for the rest of the year at least, because it is delicious...nice and spicy; the ginger in the pumpkin has a bite!

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