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» Sunday, November 18, 2007
Sole Sunday, Part 2
So I've had an apple and some of the pumpkin seeds I bought yesterday, and just finished playing the recently aired-in-England "Time Crash," the Doctor Who short done for "Children in Need." (Thanks for the link, Rodney.) There's also a "Doctor Who Confidential" to go with it that's nearly as long as the 8 minute production.

I absolutely fell over laughing at "'re a fan!" Too delicious.

Earlier I took Schuyler with me into my craft room. She stared askance at the light overhead and was a bit quiet, but didn't go flappy or anything. Maybe something will give. She's not really afraid of us. Especially at night she will come to the upper perch and let me talk to her. Sometimes if I'm close she creeps up to the bars and I can kiss her. Sometimes I can even place a finger-tip up to the bars and she will nip at it, then back up, surprised at her own audacity.

I painted a frame which I will be decorating with seashells and glass, and also glass-painted the four leaded blank glass ornaments I bought at Michael's: a wreath, an angel, a candy cane and a pine tree. These are for the sidelights of the front door to replace during Christmas the autumn leaves that are there year-round. Willow came and slept outside the door, and we listened to half an Andy Williams Christmas LP and also The Waltons Christmas album.

Before we retreated to the room, I sat and watched The Thanksgiving Treasure. Hope this gets a DVD release some time. A DVD copy of an EP videotape just isn't the same.

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