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» Wednesday, November 21, 2007
James Herriot I Ain't
Willow needed a bath, so I gave her one. It went wrong from the start. We discovered the shampoo we bought was actually conditioner, so while I wetted her down, James went to get our shampoo. The shower head upended and drenched me. Willow kept shaking off before I shut the shower curtain and I had to mop the floor.

I told James that since her nails were soft we should trim them. She hates to have her nails trimmed. Still, we got through all of them; he did the back claws and I did the front and it was fine till the last dewclaw; she jerked her paw and I cut through the quick. She pulled away and there she was, bleeding. I sat on the floor putting pressure on the claw while James fetched the styptic pencil, peroxide, gauze and Scotch tape (since apparently we have no white adhesive tape). I cleaned it off and wrapped it, and it seemed okay for a few minutes, then it started to bleed again. James held her while I unwrapped it and got a good look at the claw; good heavens, no wonder it was bleeding—when she jerked I cut about half of it off rather than just the tip. So I cleaned around again and applied styptic pencil again and it looked like it had stopped bleeding by then, so now it's re-wrapped and we're watching her.

If Seigfried Farnon walks in, I quit. :-)