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» Saturday, November 03, 2007
In Between Errands
Ah, well, the grocery shopping always must be finished up and shirts fetched from the cleaner. However, when we were at Kroger getting yogurt, bananas, and shampoo, we found some shrimp on sale, which we bought for supper (it was delicious; we had it with garlic-spiked Smart Balance spread over plain ramen noodles and there is enough for another meal). and also the prettiest drinking glasses in a fall leaf motif for 50 cents each.

We went out to the Merchant's Walk Hallmark store to see the last of the premieres: I bought the mini Angels of Many Lands and the Rudolph and his mother ornament as the last touch for my Rudolph tree. Also bought a chickadee sculpture and a blue Santa bell to bring the amount up to where I could use the coupon for $10 off as well as the coupon for the free Christmas tree cheese dish (the spreader has a light-up Christmas tree bulb for a handle). For buying two ornaments, I also got a free snowman ornament.

We also went to Borders, where I bought Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything (which was recommended to me). I am in the middle of reading his Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid—every few minutes I have to put it down because I am laughing so hard. Talk about bringing my childhood back! I was especially convulsed when he talked about going into the men's room, locking the door of one stall, crawling underneath to the next, locking the door, crawling underneath to the next, etc. I used to do that in the ladies' room at the bowling alley when I got really bored. And of course now I think what I was crawling in, but people were neater back then and Tom and Ray kept that place neater than a pin. You never saw paper on the floor or blocked sinks and it never smelled the way public bathrooms do now. My mom would have been appalled at his mom, though!

I also found three interesting looking Christmas books on the remainder rack: Cornelia Funke's book from last Christmas, Merry Kitschmas about tacky decorations, and a British book of Christmas stories and poems.

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