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» Saturday, October 27, 2007
A Supper Surprise
When James got home from work (yes, it was another Saturday workday again), we were ambivalent about a dinner location—we are tired of all the same places. So we decided to go to Ted's Montana Grill. They are expensive, but usually their blue plate special is reasonable.

Well, not tonight. But we didn't want to walk out, so James ordered a burger (their burgers are nine dollars but come with a salad and are huge) and I looked about for something cheap. They had chicken breast, which I consider inedible unless it's drowned in gravy (which kinda negates the reason for eating chicken breast in the first place), and, strangely enough, this low-cal dish came with French fries!

Then I noticed that as an appetizer they had "four gigantic grilled shrimp," so I asked for that with a baked potato on the side. The waiter looked at me a bit doubtfully. "It's only four shrimp," he said.

Wow, but what four shrimp! They weren't quite as large as the ones used for baked stuffed shrimp at the Inn, but it was close.