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» Sunday, October 07, 2007
A Stitch in Time
If you're a cross-stitcher like me you have probably noticed DMC's "Color Variations" line. Instead of a straight varigated thread, which ranges in one color from dark to light and back again, the color variations line mixes several complementary colors. I've been buying the skeins one by one with coupons and still haven't a full complement of the original 24. Today I discovered an additional twelve have been released, including the lovely greys, "Stormy Sky," and brilliant blues and purples, "Northern Lights." I actually purchased "Desert Canyon," which looks more to me like autumn leaves. (There is an "Autumn Leaf" combination, but it's more yellow-green.)

Of course DMC actually does not give names to its colors, only numbers. The names are provided by others to give stitchers a better idea of the color they are working with.

Here's a stitching site that shows the different color variations threads, with the new ones on top: Stitching Bits and Bobs.