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» Friday, October 19, 2007
Runaround Sue
The cold front's almost here. It's already crossed into the northwestern corner of Georgia, although it's only about three degrees cooler in Chattanooga right now. It continued to bring dark clouds this morning, but these scattered as noon came and passed, leaving the sky a brilliant blue dotted with "mackerel" clouds and cirrus clouds. It's so good to see cirrus clouds again!

I had realized looking at my fall magazine selections that I had not yet found the September/October issue of "Yankee," so I visited three bookstores in search of it, but was ultimately disappointed. I even went to the Books-a-Million in Acworth, since they seem to keep their magazines longer than other stores.

This is a both good and bad thing, because often I have been able to grab something I otherwise would have missed there, but their magazine section is a mess. I had looked forward to having a BAM nearby; the closest one before was in Jonesboro, and we have also gone to the ones in Warner Robins and Chattanooga. The coffee shop attached to BAM, J. Muggs, used to have a coffee shop/newsstand in Buckhead that carried all these magazines, but they closed. You can always find unusual or obscure magazines.

Frankly, while the staff at BAM in Acworth is great, their care of the magazine The magazines are always untidy; I know people are inconsiderate and just shove the issues back any old way, but in the other stores there's always someone to neaten what these clods leave behind. This doesn't seem to happen in Acworth. In addition, the other stores always have the latest issues available. The Acworth store is woefully slack about this. I noticed the summer issue of "Vermont Life" still out when the fall issue has been out for almost two months. Their display issue of "TV Guide" is from September 18-23, 2007, with no newer issue available. And that's just what I noticed.

Dipped in and out of both Michaels and JoAnn for embroidery thread and glass Christmas suncatchers to paint for the front door. Michaels had a wreath made of peacock feathers that was quite striking. Plus I found a Christmas gift for someone! I also had success finally at finding a flannel sheet set at Linens'n'Things; they hadn't been out before now. I bought a twin set as we don't actually use them on the bed—too warm. James will use the flat sheet as a coverlet for when it is cool and I'll use the fitted sheet on the sofa cushions to protect them from stains.

I made a stop at Home Goods since everyone on the "Christmas to the Max" group I am subscribed to has been raving about their holiday things. I saw several items I thought were cute, like a Scotty-dog Christmas teapot, but we really don't have room for it. I did buy a book about collecting Santa Claus figurines which was heavily discounted and a quite striking musical snowglobe. I have never seen one like it. The base is bright silver, like an old-fashioned chrome car bumper, and the Santa inside is of a more modern design, with a gold-rimmed red robe; he is holding a small Christmas tree and a swirling silvery list. His beard is also this silvery white color, and all the colors are quite brilliant with a metallic cast.

The one essential stop was at WalMart: we needed whole-wheat low carb tortillas again, and since I was there I also picked up yogurt, lunch meat, pineapple, etc. The big surprise was finding sweatshirts and sweatpants of good quality (Hanes and Fruit of the Loom) at good prices: $7 for the shirts and $5 for the pants.

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