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» Wednesday, October 24, 2007
"Reunited...and It Feels So Good..."
According to our weather station, here it is after two and it still hasn't hit 60°F yet. It is still raining at the moment and is damp outside.

And I have the strangest feeling...

I'm cold!

I have my well-worn WordPerfect sweatshirt on, the one Alice made for me, and a pair of sweatpants, and I'm having nice hot chicken caccitore leftovers for lunch.

I feel like singing! :-)

(The lawn people did a re-seed of our fescue yesterday. We have a permit allowing us to water for 20 minutes a day. Under these conditions I feel no compunction to comply. <g> As far as I'm concerned, it's God's job to water the lawn. We'll see what happens later in the week...)