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» Tuesday, October 09, 2007
It's On the House
We'd been watching The War for the last two weeks so we have not seen any of the new House episodes yet. I taped them on the VCR in the spare room. (No, we don't have a TiVo. Or a DVR. I should have asked about one when I upgraded our satellite service, but I forgot. And yikes, they are charging us enough for the HD receiver every month!) Needless to say, the picture wasn't as good as we're used to.

(Is there just too much broadcast interference in this area? We are 18 miles from Atlanta, which, granted, is about 10 miles more than it was from Cranston to Providence, but can it make that much of a difference to a pair of rabbit ears? The transmitter for Channel 6 was in Seekonk and we used to get that clearly, too. But there is not one local station I can get clearly here using that old-fashioned method. The picture was terrible on all stations at the other house and it's still bad here: snowy, noise, wobbling picture, hissing, occasionally voices obliterated by a surge of noise. UHF channels in Boston, 48 miles away, came in more clearly on a bow tie than VHF channels tune in here. ???)

Anyway, the season opener and the followup episode were very enjoyable. The downward spiral they had last year and that entire misery-enducing subplot with Detective Tritter was rather depressing. Robert Sean Leonard got in some good ones in the "kidnapping of the guitar" sequence—hilarious back-and-forth one-upsmanship in the end—and last week's episode, beginning the arc about House hiring a new team, was funny as well as sobering. Dr. Cuddy must feel like a den mother at times rather than an administrator. Looking forward to tonight's episode.