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» Friday, October 05, 2007
A Day "Aboot"
Apparently my body was thirsting for sleep, because it was a struggle even to get up at 10:30. It rained yesterday and was still raining this morning, although it had stopped by the time I left the house, and as much as I visualize all those little blades of grass reaching up gratefully, my shoulders still ache. I recall again this is how my mom woke up most of her later life and now it's my turn.

My main errand was to go to Trader Joe's today as we had been told the popcorn would be in on Wednesday. It wasn't there, nor was there a space for it. Damn. I got their "gourmet" white popcorn and it isn't bad, but even though it claims to be low salt it tastes saltier, the popcorn kernels are smaller, and they are not as sweet and tender as the other popcorn I had. :-(

I did get a lovely bunch of things at Michael's from the dollar bins: a small calendar for near my desk (I list paydays on it and what is paid on that payday), and three decorative soaps, some note cards, and five small cross-stitch kits, all with Mary Engelbreit designs.

Due to good coupons and a combination of Borders Bucks/credit card rewards, I got a Molly Murphy mystery at one Borders for 59¢ and a sale table copy of the New Yorker 75th Anniversary book of cartoons along with the new Thanksgiving Ideals at a second Borders for $2.59. I'm saving the last credit card reward coupon for next weekend, when there is a 30 percent off coupon rather than this week's 20, because Bill Bryson's The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid is finally out in trade paper. Yahoo!

Incidentally, I had a laugh using what I call Borders' "magic TV." This is the computer where you can look up a book, movie, or CD and see if it is in store or at another store in the area. I looked up Christmas Ideals and it told me this year's volume was "not yet published."

This is amusing because I saw three copies of it at one of the Borders I shopped at.

I also stopped at a Hallmark store to find them putting out the remainder of this year's ornaments for the next phase in the ornament premiere. The winter garden pieces are out; I would like them for a display during January and February rather than for Christmas. They also had a great deal of Christmas merchandise for half price (probably last year's stock). I got two "old world" type Santas with scenes painted on the bottom of his robe, one with birdhouses (of course) and one carrying a lantern which had homes on it, plus a little winter sculpture of two chickadees on a tree branch.

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