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» Monday, October 01, 2007
Cause and Effect
It was another good night for sleeping last night, but, alas, we couldn't enjoy it: our neighbors snapped their rear floodlights on about 11 p.m. and left them on all night. One of the lights shines directly into our bedroom windows; no way we could have slept with the windows open and the fans on, since it's bright even with the shades all the way down and the (insulated) curtains closed—someone with really good eyes could probably read in what light spills around the corners of the shades. Somewhere, somehow, I have to find dark shades. Are there any stores that sell roller shades besides Home Depot and Lowes that might have them in color? Penneys? Sears? I've found them online—almost forty dollars each, plus the postage, but I hate to do mail order if I can buy locally.

We were already "up in a heaval" before bedtime anyway: apparently Willow spotted—or thought she spotted—a fly in the house (it was probably the ladybug that got in last night) and retreated to the spare room where she hopped on the futon, which she knows is forbidden. She was so weirded out she would not come when either James or I called; he finally had to set her in his lap and make her stay while we shut off all the lights except the television to attract the "fly" while we waited for the weather report. This freaked poor Schuyler out so much she refused to go up to her swing and sleep and instead remained wide-eyed by her food and water dish.

If there's a fly in the house, the bright TV screen usually does the trick, but nothing was attracted. We finally left Willow behind her gate and she did then go in her crate to sleep as always.

Despite the fact that it's about 55°F right now, it is still 80 in my cubicle. Sigh.

And if I thought my wheel mouse at work was hard to push around after having bought an optical mouse, it's even worse now that I have a wireless mouse. It's like driving a car with no power steering. :-)

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