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» Sunday, September 16, 2007
Whistle While You Scrub
Got a good workout doing a deep-clean on the bathroom this morning: took an hour to get it all done.

Then I recycled plastic bags, got the newspaper, and took a quick-step walk once around the mall before buying gas and then purchasing some chicken drumsticks for supper.

I picked up a cheap DVD set at Dollar General: 1950s mystery series. Again, "digitally remastered and sound enhanced" plastered all over the box, and the pictures not much better than having seen it on an old television. So many of these 1950s show copies have a black halo around the edge.

Anyway, what I watched was two episodes of the 1954 series Sherlock Holmes, which was produced in England and starred Ronald Howard, the son of Scarlet Pimpernel/Gone With the Wind/other classic films star Leslie Howard. He quite favored his father. One of the stories I watched was an adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes "Greek Interpreter" short story. It was changed to a French interpreter and Holmes' brother Mycroft was not involved. The other was an original story called "The Case of the Eiffel Tower." It supposedly took place in France and indeed the Eiffel Tower scenes looked as if they were filmed there; however, the background shots of France in 1890-whatever were supplied by old silent films of Paris!

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