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» Thursday, September 20, 2007
Someone broke into our neighbor's house (across the street) yesterday in broad daylight. They forced their way into the door to the garage (thank God, we don't have one of these) and came out a bedroom window (in the back). The folks next door to us were even home and working outside (on their car) and didn't see anyone. I was here and the windows were open most of the time it might have happened. Willow didn't even bark and she usually flares up even if someone bangs a car door. They took a laptop and an I-POD, little things they could just pick up and leave with.

The two little pugs that live there were locked into a bedroom but they were okay.

I'm not sure if I want a stairway up to the deck anymore!

The police said they thought it might be high-school kids because there was an early-release day yesterday.