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» Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Treading the Concrete
We saw this story on the news the day before it appeared on CNN.

Walking Hard for Many Exercisers

I remember when I moved to Georgia being surprised about how so many things were just not walkable—and where were all the mailboxes? I could walk ten minutes in three directions and find a mailbox in Rhode Island. Here you have to drive to the post awful or find public buildings like City Hall that have mailboxes in front of them. I found it so puzzling! Of course most of the things in walking distance of our house disappeared by the time I went to work: Tom's Superette, Joe's Spa, the Gansett Bakery, Mancini's Hardware. My mom (and I during summer vacation) walked a mile to the grocery store with a shopping cart, and every day after Labor Day I would religiously walk the mile to Thall's Pharmacy to get the Fall Preview TV Guide. But Food Town and Thall's are both car supply places now.