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» Saturday, September 22, 2007
The Saturday (or "There and Back Again")
We went out this morning to do the rest of the weekly grocery shopping at BJs. One result is reported in another blog. I also found the box set of the newest "American Girl," Julie. Oh boy, now I can read about what happened in 1974. [snicker, snicker]

I wanted to get the groceries out of the way so we can go "into town" tomorrow, specifically to the Atlanta History Center to see the Benjamin Franklin exhibit before it leaves. We have "twofer" coupons from the Entertainment book, which makes it even better.

We haven't been to the History Center since they finished building the new addition, so I'm looking forward to it.

I was thinking we might stop by Richard's (if they are open on Sunday; this is the only surviving "variety store" in Atlanta—like an old 5 and 10) and go to Borders, too. Unfortunately we can't stop at the J. Muggs newstand any longer; it closed.

When the shopping was finished, James went off to his IPMS meeting. I went out to the Borders at Parkway "Pointe" to use my 30 percent off coupon for the Ivy book that goes along with the Julie set and also bought some sachet in Linens'n'Things. They had autumn and Christmas things out, so there was much to "oooh" and "aaah" over.

Popped in at Barnes & Noble on Akers Mill, but nothing there of interest.

Found some cool stocking-stuffers in the $1 bins at Michael's and also return address labels that can be used for Christmas cards for only $1.

By the time I got home James was already there. A package in the mail from my cousin Debbie: it contained a DVD movie her son had worked on. He is in film school in New York City. She let me know that my Aunty Ella had died. (This was the wife of my mom's youngest brother; he passed away before she did.) They are also selling my cousin Anna's house. Her daughter, who lived in the other part of the duplex, moved out, and Anna's husband, who has Parkinsons and Alzheimers and is like a little boy, stays at various of the children's homes and now has a professional to look after him at night because they finally couldn't handle it. So sad. Anthony was always this small bear of a man, always friendly, always willing to do a favor. To see him reduced to infancy is jarring.

I also have a lot of memories of that house. We had a lot of family gatherings because my Uncle Tommy, Mom's oldest brother, lived next door. Sometimes the place would be packed with 30-40 people. My Aunty Petrina would make wandis, which are so difficult to make, and we'd eat and reminisce, and the kids would play in the yard.

We had supper at Sweet Tomatoes. I remembed to bring my own salad dressing this time and was able to chow down on numerous vegetables. I had taken two Prilosecs beforehand and while I wasn't in distress afterwards I still have indigestion after eating. Sigh. They have an Asian theme for the rest of the month and I really must have some more of their Thai peanut salad. Yum!

We also dropped by JoAnn again. James fell in love with a cool winter decoration: a snowman built of ice blocks who is lighted by a bright blue LED bulb. Too cool. Stopped at Borders, got gasoline at Costco, dropped in at Hobbytown.

On the way home we put on the Sirius 1960s channel and listened to Cousin Brucie at the San Gennaro festival in Little Italy in New York City. He opened by playing one of the singers I grew up on, Lou Monte, singing "Lazy Mary." So I've been flitting into the past more than once today.

And now back home after a busy day.

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