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» Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Remember the Carefree Days of Childhood?
They truly are gone:

How Children Lost the Right to Roam in Four Generations

I was a bit overprotected as a kid by parents who had suffered through three miscarriages before I came along, plus I was a girl, so I was not given the freedom James remembers: leaving the house early in the morning to ride bikes with buddies to come back for lunch or even as late as supper without fear or repercussion. On the other hand, as long as I told my mom where I was going, I remember being allowed to walk or later bike just about anywhere: the half mile to Linda's house or the mile to Sherrye's, down to the Cranston Stadium or even to Thall's. I remember the grand day I was sixteen, my mom was at work, and I wanted to go to the Paperback Bookstore in Providence so badly, so I took the bus downtown on my own for the first time. Doesn't sound like much now, but it was a Big Trip back then and quite lovely, being able to browse in the Paperback Bookstore and Read-All and Woolworth's and the Providence Public Library for as long as I wanted without my mom getting bored.

Now everyone's in organized activities instead of just playing like we did, and tied down by cell phones.

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