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» Sunday, September 30, 2007
Open Windows Weekend
It's a somnolent late Sunday afternoon and I have to resist the impulse to nap; it's hard enough to sleep on Sunday nights. Besides, there's something in the fridge that I'm waiting for with anticipation.

The windows are all open and the fans going, and it's that time of the day where the heat has been absorbed into the house and it's warm, but not uncomfortable—but warm enough to make one sleepy. The weather has been simply lovely except at the hottest part of the day and even then shade and breeze has saved it.

We had a busy day yesterday starting with the weekly trip to a wholesale club; this time it was BJs since Costco doesn't carry the big bags of Chex. The "sample ladies" were out and one of the things we sampled were clams in a butter garlic sauce. The clams came in the shell and the lady who checked us out was very surprised to see the leftover clam shells coming home with us. I figured I could use them in a craft project; they're presently soaking in the hall bath sink.

We also passed by their meager Webkinz display and James noticed that someone had stolen the tag from one of the Dalmatians. We reported this to the management, who didn't realize why the tag was important. Sheesh. I hope they don't put it back out or some kid may be really disappointed.

After dropping the perishables off, we went to the hobby shop. I had James drop me at Harry's, since we needed cashews (the chicken stir fry isn't the same without them). I also got more potatoes, salad greens, bananas for lunch, strawberries and a cucumber. I was coming by the deli when I stopped to look at the soup. The mushroom barley with a tomato base and full of vegetables smelled heavenly, so I got a container of it plus a demi baguette to "zoop" (It's an Italian thing. <g>) for Sunday supper. It was very tempting to give up dinner plans and eat it that evening!

We also stopped at Michael's, where I found the nicest card-making kits for $1 each. They were adopting dogs next door at Petsmart. The smallest of the dogs was large enough to make Willow's eyes get very large and have her hide behind James.

We went to the "new" Grand China Buffet for supper. I try to avoid buffets, except for Sweet Tomatoes since it's mostly salad, but James had a Chinese craving and we had a coupon. There really is nothing new about it, sadly; they originally had a very nice baked honey chicken that I loved, but now nearly everything on the menu is fried. The few things that weren't were not appetizing. I have to admit the wonton soup broth was excellent, though, even if the wontons themselves had collapsed. Most of what I ate made me sick to my stomach. I used to love the Chinese buffets to fill up on crab legs, but since I had that bad reaction in 2004 I have lost my craving for crab legs. I've had them since and they're still delicious, and I know the reaction was probably due to still being on medication after a hysterectomy the week before, but it still brings back bad memories.

It was still fairly early, so we drove out to Trader Joe's to get the popcorn that doesn't bother me; unfortunately they were out. After a brief stop at Home Depot, we were back home in time for Torchwood (you know, Captain Jack is downright nasty on this series).

It was as delightful sleeping last night as it was on Friday: all the fans blowing inside, a light blanket, and blessed comfort. It's been going down to the 50s, which is the maximum comfort range for keeping the windows open and the A/C off.

This morning we had the breakfast buffet at Sweet Tomatoes, an interesting combination of old-fashioned oatmeal and salads. This was the last day for the wonderful Thai peanut salad—next month is devoted to buffalo wing concoctions. Blah.

After breakfast we went to the Atlanta Home Show and walked around for about 90 minutes. Not as many decorative door dealers, but lots of hot tubs! Also, the usual window-and-door replacements, sunrooms, cookware displays, hardwood flooring, etc. I was hoping there would be some fencing places, but there was only the humongous Home Depot display. We entered their contest, but didn't unlock the strongbox, so no gift card for us.

A stop at Kroger for a double paper and some other groceries and it was home again. The fans on the west and south sides of the house are exhausting right now and keeping it tolerable; the weather station says it's 77°F on the deck and 81 in here, but once the sun is down we can turn the fans around and open the front door and that will help.

Come to think about it, it may be time to decant that delectable container of mushroom barley soup and getting ready to record The War...

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