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» Saturday, September 15, 2007
It Won't Last Long
It's supposed to go down to 55°F tonight and is already cool outside, so we have the windows and the back door open and the fans going. High tomorrow said to be around 75°F! Compared to a few weeks ago, it sounds like Heaven! Ah, but it will creep up starting on Monday.

We had "Hair Day" this morning, then went to A Blue Ribbon Affair. Didn't buy much as the crafters fall into the "this is beautiful but we really don't need it" department. Someone had some lovely autumn wreaths; another fall and Christmas arrangements. I bought a miniature to go with the Christmas/winter shelf I bought last week at Yellow Daisy, we got the last of our yearly fudge, and we got a new hot pad. These are cloth and filled with rice and cinnamon oil. Our last one got dripped on so much that it no longer smells like cinnamon. Now the entire kitchen smells like simmering cinnamon sticks.

If I feel I need it I can go back tomorrow; it's only a dollar to get in and poor James will be off at work. His day off will be Thursday, which means he will get to meet Scott [our exterminator] at last. After a little over a month of not seeing the little buggers, they are appearing one at the time: one on top of the stove, one on the counter, and, most disturbingly, one tonight on one of the dining room chairs. I've only seen them once out of the kitchen. He needs to treat outside again early, too—I caught the ants making an advance approach on the front of the house last night. One was already inside the foyer and two more were in the doorframe. I grabbed the Ortho and did some perimeter spraying.

We saw the first two episodes of Torchwood tonight and I'm already enjoying it (and it's not just John Barrowman...LOL). Also saw "Blink," a Doctor Who episode I have heard about since it was first broadcast in England. Wow. Couldn't take my eyes off the screen. (However, I did blink. <g>)

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