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» Friday, September 28, 2007
Into the 21st Century
I've had a constant problem since I got my new mouse after frying the old one during the winter: the mouse pointer for no reason skitters across the screen. This happens with almost every action, and is especially annoying when I am trying to work in detail, such as editing images in Paint Shop Pro. I will meticulously erase a few pixels, then the mouse pointer will dash across the screen and erase part of the image so that I have to undo and start again.

Tonight we had supper at Boston Market, then went to MicroCenter. I noticed they had a keyboard for $4 and figured "what the heck." Then I looked at the mice. There was a corded optical mouse one up from mine, expensive optical mice, expensive cordless optical mice.

At the other end of the aisle was a cordless optical mouse for $5. Again, at that price, what can you lose?

I also bought a new mouse pad.

Wow. Finally my mouse is under control. It doesn't go dashing off to meet a friend every fifteen seconds.

The keyboard I'm more ambivalent about. The arrow keys seem to work better when I'm playing games. However, the Enter key is stiff and so is the space bar.

Anyway, when we went out to dinner, it was beautiful! Not chilly yet, but the air was cool. It didn't feel as if you had a hot wet washcloth over your nose and mouth. We drove out and back with the windows open, and when we got home we leashed Miss Wil and went for a walk around the neighborhood. I think it's a little less than a mile.

I really have to start remembering my pedometer.

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