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» Friday, August 24, 2007
Yow! Wow! and Ker-pow! And Other Sounds of Friday
I didn't have to wait long before the refrigerator repairman turned up. He was here to fix the icemaker, which ground to a stop last Saturday, despite James spearing some ice out of it. The motor was broken. I asked if we could do anything to prevent further breakdowns and he said no; everything today was just made cheaply.

He also told me horror stories about his drug-addicted nephew who is being aided and abetted by his DFACS case worker. Geez.

The "Yow!" was for the bill. Egads.

In any case I dashed out, hoping to get home before it became too hot—fat chance as it was already in the 80s at 10:30. I went all the way to Costco for gas, finding out when I arrived that it had been cheaper at the QT on Austell Road. Ah, well. Then went to JoAnn. They still had some spring things on sale 75 percent off; I found what looked like a small white pitcher with "spring" flowers in them, except all the flowers were in fall colors of red and orange. So I bought an inexpensive branch of yellow-gold leaves and, upon arriving home, cut the branch up to disburse between the flowers. Not bad. It's sitting on the sill in the dining room, where I intended it to go.

I dropped by Hobbytown and—"Wow!"—was greeted by the new Webkinz seasonal pet, a black cat. I'd seen photos of this online and it didn't look all that good, but the real animal is much more appealing. It will make an interesting Hallowe'en decoration. Right now I have the Harry Potter spectacles we were given out by Borders the night of the seventh book release on his face, since I named him "Harry." Well, he has black hair and green eyes...

Stopped at Barnes & Noble and found to my delight that all the fall travel magazines are out: Vermont Life, Midwest Living, and Blue Ridge Country all scattered with delightful autumn landscapes. Plus I found a nice biography of Mark Twain.

So at home I messed with the flowers and spent some time online. I had planned to take Willow out when it got a little cooler, but I was so involved reading messages on "Christmas to the Max" that I didn't notice the sky darkening. All of a sudden came the blast of thunder, the flash of lighting, and the dog attached to my leg.

We lost power momentarily, but the rain looked as if it had slacked a bit. I put Willow on the leash and let her out the front door. I thought if she gave signs of wanting to go into the back yard I would grab the umbrella and take her.

Instead she'd just finished squatting when "POW!" blasted over the houses to the west. Willow whipped around, dashed up the steps, and fastened herself back to my leg in a matter of five seconds.

When James came home we went to Hobby Lobby, then had supper at the Chinese place next door. While we were inside it continued to rain. And when we came out...

It was cool! There was a breeze! We drove home with the windows open despite the drizzle. This is the first time we've been able to drive with the windows down since May! My God! Cool outdoor air! My lungs won't know what to do with it!

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