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» Thursday, August 16, 2007
Will You Just Shoe?
Meredith Viera on Today is giving us a preview of the new shoe department in Saks Fifth Avenue. One entire floor, the eighth, devoted to 100,000 shoes.

There's a store here in town and presumably elsewhere, called DSW, an entire store the size of Bed, Bath and Beyond, just for shoes.

I don't get it. I've never gotten it. I've never figured out Imelda Marcos or these people on Mission: Organization with hundreds of shoes.

Shoes You have one pair for best, a pair or two for work, a pair or two for weekends, a couple of pairs of slippers (summer, winter), snow boots, maybe a pair of sandals or two and some flip flops for the beach...but different color shoes for each outfit? In different styles? Why? And what's so pleasurable about shopping for them?

To me, shoes are just something that protect your feet and keep them warm in winter. It's never been a pleasure to buy them because I have a small foot (size 6) with a high instep. From what I can see, they have quit making women's small-size shoes in wide styles. Even when the rare pair turns up and they are labeled "Wide" they are still too narrow. I wear black leather Youth-size Reeboks because those are the only ones wide enough for my feet, and they still rub my small toe raw the first couple of weeks. I remember the agony of the first week of school with my school shoes rubbing blisters on my toes and my heels; I usually wore Band-Aids on them the first couple of weeks until the shoes stretched out (thank God Hush Puppies actually stretched).

Ugh! shoe shopping! I'd rather clean the bathroom! Last time we went shopping for Reeboks and I found the right size, I bought four pair, so hopefully I don't have to shop for shoes for a long, long time.