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» Thursday, August 16, 2007
Welcome to Adolescence
Schuyler's moult is proceeding without incident. Her forehead is now half white and peppered with pinfeathers.

She does something that makes me laugh every day, yet she resists any effort to be friendly to her.

I love to watch her play. She gets upside down on the roof of the cage and plays with the plastic rings hung there, going in and out of the top ring. She "fights" with the different bells in her cage or sits there industriously grinding down her cuttlebone; it's the funniest scratching sound. She still goes down to the bottom of the cage and flaps her wings, the budgie version of strength training.

The most amusing thing she does is make the sounds the Webkinz make when you log on: the squeak of the tail wag, the kiss and the whistle. She has the sounds spot on.

Sometimes she just sits up on a perch and scolds for minutes at the time. Not sure what she's complaining about, but she really, really means it. LOL.

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