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» Sunday, August 19, 2007
Warm Weekends and Welcomes
Summer continues to drain as the heat stands in the 90s. I remember all the energy I had when I first started working at home! Now, of course, that I need it at the end of fiscal year, it has all bled away.

We spent yesterday morning tidying up the kitchen and vacuuming for our games night, then dropped in at the hobby shop and also went to Fuzziwig's candy store. I picked up a few more Jolly Rancher watermelon candies—the bin is mixed, so I really can't get many—and James bought about a quarter pound of sugar-free malted milk balls, which he had been looking for.

We finished up at Trader Joe's, which disappointed us by being out of the chicken apple sausage that we like so well. We did get some brownie bites and chocolate chip cookies for the games night.

This went quite well, although Sue was ill and could not come. Jerry did come and the guys spent a bunch of time shmoozing about politics, although James showed off his "Dogfight" game (he was able to obtain a copy of this board game that he loved as a child). I was a bit disconcerted by the fact that I was unable to concentrate on the game we played as well as I wanted. I was a bit torn by other interesting conversations in the room, but lately this distraction factor has been a problem, as well as recurring bouts of depression.

Later we had the Little League playoffs on. The Warner Robins team was in the finals, so several people were interested in the outcome.

This morning we had a sleep-in as we stayed up late—my excuse was the third Maisie Dobbs book; I am parceling them out, reading a book in between each one, as I am enjoying them so much! When the new one comes out next year I am buying it in hardcover!—then had a light breakfast. We went for a good long walk around Town Center Mall before stopping at BJs for milk and eggs, then came home to read the paper. (At the mall we were passing "It's About Time," the clock/watch store and I suggested we go in as James' old watch, the self-winding Seiko his dad gave to him as a gift many years ago, is no longer winding properly and losing time. He was reluctant to buy as these are usually very expensive, but found a very nice one on sale, the same size as his old one. I also looked at a watch, but passed on it for now. It was a very nice Criterion with a click second hand as I like them. Ironically, my watch that gave up the ghost was given to me by my dad as well.) As a cheer-up, I put on The Best of Dave Allen as well as the "Backs to the Wall" episode of The Good Life.

Television was absolutely miserable tonight, but they advertised a fascinating-looking special for Thursday night that I don't remember ever seeing, JFK: Breaking the News, how news coverage changed with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I remember all the coverage about JFK and still have the TV Guide special edition about it. The archival footage should be fascinating. There is also a new History Detectives this week as well as next week, and more Inspector Lynley mysteries starting next Sunday on Mystery. I don't like Lynley as well as Foyle's War, but they're solid, literate mysteries. (I do wish BBC America would rerun all the existing seasons of Waking the Dead!)

There's a hint in the question-and-answer afterward of Pardonable Lies that the Maisie Dobbs books might be adapted for television. I hope the British do them! If Hollywood does it it will just be dumbed down and tarted up.

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